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Rolling shutters installation

Cardiff Rolling Shutters, Inc. offers Distribution and Installation of rolling shutters for Residential and Commercial Applications as well as repairs of rolling shutters of all brands.

Cardiff Rolling Shutters is proud to carry the finest in rolling shutters. We believe these products to be the most technically advanced systems on the market for almost any application you might envision. Cardiff Rolling Shutters offers premier shutters with toughness, beauty and utility. We use only the finest materials available to ensure optimum strength and resistance to fading and weather damage.

New Rolling Shutter installations

We install new rolling shutters as well as replace old rollling shutters. Installations from Cardiff Rolling Shutters, Inc. are built to last… and last… and last. They should serve your customers far beyond our 5-year warranty period. This means they may eventually require minor service and repairs that fall outside of the generous warranty period, yet well within their useful life. Once again, we will be there for you down the road. We have been in business since 1985, so you can count on us to back you up for many years to come as you use our products.

Repairs of Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters wear off with time, as any mechanism would. They may face abuse and not only by elements. A day may come when a rolling shutter would stop functioning properly and you might need a minor service or a major repair.

Call or email us and we will gladly come and service your rolling shutters or, at least give you a free estimate for doing so. If you can take a picture and send it over, we may even provide you with a ballpark over the phone!


The outstanding quality of Cardiff Rolling Shutters workmanship assures your clients of years of trouble-free operation. You can rest assured, too, knowing that our products are backed by our warranty. In the unlikely event of product malfunction we are prepared to give you the support you need to maintain the status of your satisfied customers. Our new installations are covered with 5 year limited warranty.

And yes, we pick up the phone and no, we do not play games. Our great record of customer satisfaction grows for several decades! We build a strong relationship with you, our customer, and cherish it for years to come. Please feel free to ask us for a list of our references and check out our work for yourself!

What we offer

Rolling Shutters are an ideal solution against the many hazards facing your home or business windows and doors. Generally installed on the outside but operated from the inside, Rolling Shutters allow you protection from all external elements without having to go outside to roll them up and down. They operate in one of the following 3 ways:

  1. a manual pull strap;
  2. a manual turn crank; or
  3. a switch engaging an electric motor.

The strap is the least expensive way but its function is limited by the size of the rolling shutter.

The crank is geared to allow larger rolling shutters to be operated without the need for a motor.

The motor allows you to simply push a button to raise and lower the roll shutter. This is the most popular version of controlling the roller shutters nowadays and is installed in 99% of our new installations.

All three methods allow you to stop the roll shutter at any position from all the way up to all the way down to anywhere in between. 


The Benefits of Rolling Shutters

Energy Savings
Light Control
Noise Reduction